More good news one of our partner-beneficiaries, Women’s Aid Organisation of Malaysia….

Single and Pregnant Booklet

Malakoff Corporation Berhad, a leading water and power producer, in collaboration with Women’s Aid Organisation released a booklet called “Single and Pregnant: What Are My Choices?”

As part of the “Empower for Life” campaign the booklet was launched on the 20th of April 2010 at a leading hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The booklet is published in both English and Bahasa Malaysia and is a guide for single pregnant women in all matters related to pregnancy, from their options to the pregnancy process. It also lists organizations that can help women who are going through single pregnancies. This booklet will be handed out to various NGOs, increasing the probability that more people, especially women, will have access to this valuable information.

MPH Gals R.E.A.D.S Card

The largest chain of bookstores in Malaysia, MPH, has opened their first woman concept bookstore outlet! The food, the ambience, the products and offers—everything about this outlet is set to be focused on women.

MPH has also introduced a Gals R.E.A.D.S members card (pictured as shown here) for women (Respected, Empowered, Admired, Desired, Smart). This card offers awesome offers and rewards for the female, no matter her preference. Discounts, spa treatments, discount dining and even wedding gown rentals are some of the offers on hand for the women who sign up for membership. And the best part is all the proceeds from sales of this card, selling at RM 20.00 each, will be going to Women’s Aid Organisation!

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