The shake-up in the standings in our Voter’s Choice campaign continues with Jake Gyllenhaal gaining fast on Alexander Skarsgard and Hugh Jackman falling back. Who will win? Well, there are only nine days left to decide.

We are asking you to help spread the word about our Voters’ Choice campaign so we can reach our goal of 10,000 votes (we’re past the halfway mark already!) Tell your friends, family, colleagues, and Twitter & Facebook buddies who you voted for and encourage them to cast their vote.

Do they need a little incentive to actually turn on the computer and vote?

  • Let them know they will be taking part in a truly innovative online campaign to end Violence Against Women—one that uses the power of the Web and the influence of prominent male role models.
  • If they aren’t sure who to vote for, point them to our nominee bios. There is a lot more than meets the eye with these guys, as their bios clearly demonstrate.
  • Tell them that participating in the campaign only takes a couple of minutes. Just go to our voting page at and follow Step 1 to vote and Step 2 to sign the petition for your favourite actor. If you use Twitter, Facebook or have a blog, you can also follow Step 3 to help us spread the word!

DON”T FORGET THE PETITION! Our efforts will have a lot less impact if we have fewer signatures than votes. Imagine if you were told that 2,000 people voted for you but only half that number signed their names! Let’s show the full force of our efforts with lots of names on that petition. If you’ve voted but haven’t signed, just return to our voting page at and proceed to step 2.

Thanks for your support! We are in the home stretch now. Let’s make every day count by talking up the campaign!

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