Team Jackman offers plenty of reasons why you should vote for their nominee in a special guest post, below.

Hugh Jackman, best known for the character Wolverine in X-Men, is the proud husband of actress Deborra-Lee Furness and they are parents to Oscar and Ava. Selecting Hugh as Pixel Project’s Celebrity Role Model is a perfect choice. His endless support for various charities including: Global Poverty Project, Operation Hope, Project Zambi, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Family Health International and many others is indicative of the fact that he is just not another handsome face. He cares!

Domestic violence and violence against women globally have increasingly risen over the past ten years. Everything from human trafficking to domestic violence affects everyone in every country at every level. Shining a light on these issues is the key to ending it. No one can do a better job at shining a light on these serious issues than Hugh Jackman.

In the United States, we hear horror story after horror story about young women murdered by a current or former boyfriend. The second tragedy behind the deaths of these women is that no one knew that the woman was suffering or was in danger. Domestic violence is not palatable to many. For this reason, we need people like Hugh Jackman to carry the message to the masses from a male point of view.

We have heard many women speak out against domestic violence and violence against women. However, we have not heard many men address the issue in an effective manner. Hugh Jackman has a large following of male supporters because of his role in X-Men. Hugh’s support of this project will shed light this serious issue and convince many young men to change.

Finally, Hugh Jackman is the best choice because he is a family man and cares about improving the world. Ending violence against women is one of the keys to making a long lasting improvement to our communities, states, countries and world.

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