Welcome to the 12th edition of The Pixel Project’s VAW e-News Digest! As usual, we bring you the latest and most relevant news concerning violence against women from around world.

In the United Kingdom, there is public uproar in reaction to proposals to provide anonymity to those accused of sexual assault. On the flip side, India has made it clear that those accused of domestic violence will have to be present in court instead of sending an attorney as representative. In Canada, writers discuss when a crime is a sexual assault or a rape, and in Tonga citizens speak up in response to the rise of violence against women in their country.

Meanwhile, American feminist blog Feminsting has recently publicized a show run on channel ABC called “What would you do (if you saw a battered woman)?”. An experiment to find out how people would react when they witnessed violence against a woman, the results are (sadly) not surprising.

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General Violence Against Women

May 17th was International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Visit the official website.

Haiti: After the quake, women’s advocacy groups speak up – MADRE offers a list of actions to be taken to prevent and protect women from rape.

India: Street play addresses violence against women.

Pakistan: Violence against women reaches ‘endemic levels’ in Pakistan

Thailand: In Pattaya plans are underway for a parade to raise awareness on violence against women

Tonga: Violence against women in Tonga soars to disturbing levels, with an average of 22 women per month reporting an incident of violence to the police

Tonga: Letter to the editor – violence against women show cultural inequality

United States: The ‘nick’ – some American paediatricians are arguing that female genital cutting be allowed in the country.

United States: More on the ‘nick’ – CNN’s coverage of migrants in America in relation to female circumcision.

United States: New app called Hollaback aims to defend women against street harassment. News via Feministing.

Domestic / Intimate Partner Violence

India: The accused in a domestic violence case must be present in court instead of seeking representation from an attorney.

United States: “What would you do if you saw a battered woman?” – ABC launches new show testing the reactions of people responding to a domestic violence scenario. Trigger warning.

United States: More on the same show – women dressed provocatively less likely to receive help when battered.

United States: Vintage ads show a culture of normalized violence against women.

United States: Men who engage in domestic violence think that other men do it too.

United States: Yeardley Love could not have gotten a restraining order even if she had wanted to.

Rape and Sexual Assault

Canada: Should we stop calling it ‘sexual assault’ and call it rape directly instead? The Vancouver Sun runs an editorial explaining the politics of language.

Canada: A response to the same editorial. When is a rape not a rape?

China: Villagers accuse police of being dilatory in solving rape cases.

India: Draft bill will put sexual assault on par with rape.

United Kingdom: Rape case defendants to be given anonymity – uproar follows in the United Kingdom.

United States: New Sex Offender search by zip code available.

United States: Shocking fact – male and female patients of mental illnesses are housed together in psychiatric wards, increasing the chances of rape and sexual assault of female patients.

United States: Why we still blame women for rape.

Sex Trafficking

Sweden: Swedish MP calls to legalize prostitution. Will this help to increase or decrease sex trafficking?

United States: Kansas to become first anti-sex trafficking model city in the States.

United States: Sexualized culture to blame for high sex trafficking incidences in Texas.

Forced Marriage

Malawi: In Malawi, NGOs and Government join forces to combat forced marriage.

Sweden: Swedish government launches inquiry into forced marriage.

United Kingdom: Roadshow warning over forced marriages to start.

Yemen: Forced marriage continues to destroy victims’ lives – this time, a 12-year old girl named Aisha just managed to escape from her marriage to a 50-year old man who tried to rape her.

Honour Killings

India: Tradition is not an excuse to back honour killings.

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