I am a member of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV/the Coalition). Did I mention I am also a former employee? While reading an update from NCADV, my eyes came across a call for volunteers. My affinity for the Coalition, the battered women’s movement and their shared “Herstory” of social change work are a direct result of my personal and shared experiences. Why shouldn’t I be so attached? You see, I am a part of “Herstory.” Naturally, when I read about the Pixel Project and what it set out to accomplish, I felt the need to join and be included in another page.

Since 1996, I have been welcomed as a stakeholder, ally, survivor, advocate, employee and friend. I am privileged to be the first man hired at both NCADV and the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence. I answered hotline calls while filing grant reimbursement requests. My conventional thinking on issues of violence and oppression were challenged, but my voice was never compromised. I engaged in discussions and my thoughts were heard and valued no matter their overall contribution. I spent many hours setting up and working conferences for advocates who treated me with dignity and respect. I engaged the public through fund raising and public relations campaigns expanding the reach of the mission. I participated in lobby days and engage(d) my government representatives. I even used my own voice, perched on top of an overturned garbage can, to rally petition signatures for the Violence Against Women Act at Lilith Fair.

“You’ll Find it Here,” is a motto from my days as a Sigma Chi. As evident from the brief highlights above, I can honestly say that this movement owns a lion share of that motto. I found myself, my friends, my second family and the best, most rewarding times of my life as part of this movement. Being part of something bigger than oneself is very rewarding. Being part of the Coalition, sharing their mission, and being part of the Pixel Project, the next page in “Herstory,” is very healing and invigorating for me.

I am a man who is proud to be part of this movement.

As The Pixel Project says: It’s time to stop violence against women. Together.

John Josephson, The Pixel Project – Web 2.0 Team

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